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Pat has a gift that can't be duplicated. My 17 month old lab, Gus, adores him. Pat thoroughly enjoys spending time with the dogs and teaches them things in such a short time for far less money than most I checked with prior to hiring him. I would and do, highly recommend him to my family and friends.        Jenna Jackson Skinner



Pat is the real deal. I took my disobedient puppy to learn control. Not only did he train my dog, he trained my wife and I to be responsible dog owners... highly recommended!!!      Todd C. Bishop

Pat is outstanding, he is professional, extremely knowledgeable and very patient. Pat gets you the owner involved and explains the process emphasizing the importance of working with your dog to condition it as well as yourself with the proper signals. Very reasonably priced and very flexible schedule. We are extremely satisfied with Pat and highly recommend him.      John, Kristi, Josh, and Snoopy

Pat told me that I would see a totally different dog after the first session. I thought to myself, okay sure. There Pat was in the yard videotaping Snooky climbing over me as I attempt to steer down the street. Absolutely amazing!!! Snooky rode in the back seat on the way home!!! I had a new dog. She actually listened to me. Pat is a miracle worker!      Diann Foster

We have two 10 month old German Shepherd mixes. One is very rambunctious and the other is more laid back. Yet the both still pull very hard on the leash and have a hard time listening. We took them to Pat. He is very nice and very informative about everything he is doing to help train them. He would train each dog individually and then train us to do the same as him. Within the first five minutes our very rambunctious puppy was sitting, heeling, and staying more than he has ever done in his past ten months of life. Our other puppy caught on even quicker. I definitely would refer any family, friend, or stranger to him. He is the BEST!                           Chelsea Shockley  

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